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Canadian Co-Parenting Centres are an affiliation of not-for-profit agencies that are committed to helping families get through the transition of separation and divorce with as little conflict as possible by providing customized services that are affordable and effective.  Of particular concern is the well-being of the children.  Each centre provides services such as: mediation, arbitration, coaching, counselling, home studies, child specialists, and co-parenting coordination, on a sliding-scale-fee basis, based on each person's income and ability to pay.  For high-conflict divorce situations, co-parenting coordination (or parenting coordination) can bring desperately needed relief to everyone and, of course, to the children in particular.  For all families, the multi-disciplinary approach of team supported divorce is recommended.  (Note that collaborative divorce, also called collaborative practice, is a sub form of team supported divorce.)  The Canadian Co-Parenting Centres was founded in Calgary, Alberta in July, 2005.